Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Manhood Therapy

This is a therapy based on ancient Malay massage technique aimed at maintaining and improving men’s virility.The lower body parts such as the abdominal area, inner thigh, perineum and inguinal area related to male sexual function are treated and not just limited to the sexual organ.The principle behind this therapy is to stimulate the nerves and clear the blood circulatory path to the groin area, thereby enhancing the blood flow to the genital and its related organ.Restricted circulation in the groin area is a common cause of manhood problem.Wearing tight and overweight also reduced male organ sensation.This therapy brings nourishment and maintains the sexual health in general subsequently. The therapy is essentially an energy work aims towards enhanced blood circulation and chi (sexual energy) flow. In the Tao of Sexology, sexual energy plays important role in supporting our physical and mental functions and improving health.With regular sessions and practising 'holdback' technique, one would cultivate his sexual energy which in turn re-energises the body, enhances the immune system and promotes cells regeneration to slow down the aging process. Thus, this therapy is a holistic approach in maintaining one's sexual health and general well-being.The technique works on the whole body and not limited to the groin only. Thus, it entails a body massage when done as a standalone. Acupressure points related to sexual vitality and the lower four chakras (energy centers) of the body are manipulated to stimulate the energy flow. When one’s chi(flow of energy) are well opened and connected, this would facilitate the free flow of the sexual energy emanated from the sexual glands (testes and prostate). The sexual glands and organ would thus be massaged to promote the production of this sexual energy. Besides, sexual glands also produce hormones that help rejuvenate cells and tissues. These sexual glands are so important that Taoists regard them as a stove, which produce the fire (energy, hormone). Without a stove, nothing can be cooked. Thus if the sexual glands become dysfunctional, our body will deteriorate concomitantly.Massaging the sexual organ (penis) has on purpose. One is a form of reflexology targeting the kidneys, liver, spleen-pancreas, lungs and heart. The other is to ensure smooth blood circulation at area around of penis.The overall massage on the lower abdomen, inner thigh and groin area would effectively promote the blood circulation, which brings nourishment to the sexual glands and organ. At the same time activating the numerous nerves ends surrounding the areas and organ.
Ancient exercise technique to maintain one’s virility, prevent and overcome sexual related problems is also incorporated in the therapy and will be taught to further sustain the benefits of this therapy.How to build virility...we need to have strong nerves,strong muscles,good blood circulation.

What is a meaning of being a man.....good manhood...

FAQ-Manhood Therapy Massage
1. What is actually Manhood Therapy Massage?
In traditional Malay communities, it is encouraged to raise families with many children.
Therefore, reproductive health is a prerogative of all men and women.

In the ancient art of Malay massages:
The genitalia is massaged systematically to maintain optimal sexual performance.
Akin to the practice of Traditional ChineseMedicine(TCM),
the Manhood Therapy,otherwise known as urut tenaga batin,utilises acupressure
points to tonify the body and to improve blood circulation around genital area.
2. Can I ejaculate during the treatment of Manhood Therapy?
Ejaculation is not allowed.This treatment is, however, based on a professional
methodical system of  massage.It is not a "happy ending" as other non-professionals
stereotypically term it.
3. Does the massage is for all 'types' of men?
This treatment is for all 'types' of men, regardless of sexual orientation.In Manhood
Therapy treatment it is akin to maintaining a car. Once the car is sent to the mechanic
for maintenance,previous supplies of "older" petrol will bedischarged, its internal parts
oiled and lubricated, and new engine oil refuelled.Then the car will be able to move
on more efficiently and effectively,with optimum performance.
So, it is a way for proper, methodical health carewith our reproductive organ,
which is either over-used or under-used.In fact, some of my clients are married men,
wanting to improve their low sperm count,and motility of the sperm to aid in their
conceiving of a baby.
4. What are the benefits of the Manhood Therapy Massage?
This treatment is to maintain a healthy blood circulation to the reproductive
organs and replenishing  it with a renewed supply of blood.

Over a sustained period of time, the Manhood Therapy Massage:
Stimulates harder, stronger, longer-lasting erections
Heightens sensitivity and pleasure during sexual intercourse 
Recovers elasticity of urinary tract and seminal tract
Recovers 6,666 veins of the penis
Promotes smoother seminal ejaculation
Increases virility and potency
Enlarges penis size and girth visibly 
Improves sexual stamina 
For men with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and other related disorders or
pain, this treatment, if done regularly, is especially helpful.
5. What oils or creams are used?
For the Manhood Therapy, a special oil is used. It is called Minyak Lintah,
an ointment whose main ingredientis the fat of leeches.
Leeches, in the Malay traditional community, is known to bring
healing by promoting blood flow to a genital area according to the traditional
herbs recipe, old books and ancient Malay heritage.

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